Life of a virtual musician in real life

Da Bluez Preacher, aka Ray Confer, was created in a virtual world life simulator called Second Life. Thousands of people from all over the world log into this platform to socialize, build, script and essentially live their own “second life”. The platform has constant live events, and one of them is live music. This is where Da Bluez Preacher comes in…

Ray Confer has been playing guitar and singing in bands and solo for over 25 years, his main style being the blues. He first got interested in the blues after watching a video of Stevie Ray Vaughn Live at El Mocambo DVD, and that sparked a style that defined his music career. Over the years he has honed this style into a blues, funk, gospel and a little rock vibe utilizing a technique called live looping. This is where he uses a loop pedal to layer himself playing guitar, bass and looped drums live in an improve type of style. 

Joining Second Life in 2006, Ray created a character called Da Bluez Preacher, and started playing live blues concerts in there. Soon he developed a following which has garnered him over 500 people in his fan club. His shows are high energy and very crowd interactive, and with him being a Christian man, you can count on his shows being for all ages. 

Currently Ray plays some in real life, but mostly you can find him playing live concerts in Second Life. His album, No Black No White Just Bluez, saw radio play on Fox Sports Radio and various other social media podcasts. For more information on how you would see him in Second Life, please go to the Second Life tab in the website. 

Outside of Second Life, Ray plays shows as a live looping solo act on vocals/lead guitar and Live Looping.





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