No black no white just bluez

Welcome to Dabluezpreacher's website

Dabluezpreacher was born out of an online community known as Second Life, and has evolved into a brand name signifying the best in blues, rock, funk and gospel. Ray Confer, "Dabluezpreacher", first got into the 3d world known as Second Life back in 2006 with the intention of just checking out what it had to offer. Then someone in there introduced him to live concerts in there, where the musician streams from their computer and plays live in the 3d world. He had already been involved in music for 20 years so this was of interest to him and soon he found himself playing live music in there as well. As a guitarist influenced by the great Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ray decided to do a blues act and he needed a catchy name. Being a Christian and promoting good clean blues, rock, funk and gospel, he settled on the name Dabluezpreacher. Being a solo act he wanted to stand out from the standard acoustic acts and decided to implement a style called live looping, where he uses a loop pedal to layer multiple instruments and phrases into complete songs live in front of the audience. His shows became known or being fully electric and energetic from the first chord to the last chord, so he developed a following he name "Srv4u Roadies" after his avatar name Srv4u Conacher. 11 years later he still rocks in there to the many Roadies and new fans as well through many various live music venues, bringing an interesting blend of blues coupled with his live looping. Two albums later he looks to make his mark not only in the online worlds but anywhere the music takes him, after all his motto and first big single is... no black no white just bluez!